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Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:23:16   

Musicians Needed to form Original/Cover Band

  Reply To : e@eliesebodmer.com
  Posted On : Sun Apr 09 , 2006

Musicians Needed to form Original/Cover Band:

Think Garbage meets PJ Harvey meets straight up a hardcore version of No Doubt with an indie twist.

I\\\'m willing to expore ideas for covers but basically want to play the songs that will make people happy and get up paid. This will be a rock band. Not a pop band. Not experimental; leave your chainsaw at home.

This is also a serious opportunity. Practice 1-2 times a week, eventually playing out weekly. YOU MUST BE OLD ENOUGH TO GET INTO THE BAR. No weekend warriors. Previous music experience preferred. I\\\'ve recently moved to Indy from Detroit and looking to start a serious band that can play out and have fun while bringing in some extra spending cash.

Needed: Skins: Must be able to drum and have 4 way independence. You don\\\'t need to be Neil Pert. But that would be nice.
Bass: Think Flea from RHCP. Please don\\\'t think anything from George Clinton.
Lead Guitar: Limit to 16 bar solos. Knows when to shine. Marty Mcfly circa 1955.
Keys: Interested in synth stuff. Think the Lashes, The Walkmen, etc. Please no Flock of Seagulls...well, that would be ok, I guess.
I would be willing to add a rhythm guitar into the mix, but I currently play rhy guitar (elec+ acoustic) and would like to do that when the elements/time is right.

I have a basement setup in my home just north of Downtown Indy. Pretty decent space.

If you want to check out some of my originals/covers I have done in the past go to www.eliesebodmer.com

For an audition, email, e@eliesebodmer.com


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