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  Protect the citizens's income allowance
  The automobile insurance agencies of California, should only be allowed to access or induct customers by, “public option” as opposed to “mandated customers”

Auto insurance is a good thing to have; but never at the expense of sabotaging the voting system to overthrow or forbid “public option” only to replace it with corruption to “pilfer” or force a mandated siphon to control the citizen's income allowance for collecting mandated profits.

The current opportunities to acquire automobile insurance in the state of California is instigated by mandation as opposed to “consent” or “freedom to choice” to chose commercisl industry without them mandating you to be a forced customer.

The “power of purchase” is qualified by the ability of a monetary system to provoke “free trade” by recruiting the occupation of “consent” and never the occupation of “quota” or mandation.

Free trade is decided by the criteria “supply” and never “demand”.

Supply is the labor of consent; but demand is the labor of quota.

The power of purchase is the liability of consent and never quota, in order to promote the logic of ownership to its authority of accountability.

Public option resolves to liability for the recognition of accountability.

Mandation resolves to the corruption of piracy.

A monetary system is sustained by validating the “power of purchase” to government treasury ; as opposed to serving the ransom of mandated profits from mandated or forced customers installed by commercial industry.

The auto insurance agencies of California have installed a system to gain controlling asset of the citizens income allowance to collect a revenue of “mandated profits”.

The auto insurance agencies of California have corrupted the voting system to require “mandatory customers,” in order to mandate a profit.

This type of conduct to “ mandate a customer” is sabotage to the “power of purchase” by “mandating a customer” in order to voucher the surplus of demand for evading bankruptcy and contriving a method to use the mandated customer as a utensil of sub-leasing the insurance agency's ability to pay government taxes.

To mandate a costumer trespasses on the government treasury”s ability to protect the citizen”s rights to the “power of purchase” and also deprives the citizens right to reserve the security of “income allowance ".

Mandated profits, and “mandated customers” violates the logic of “minimum wage” because it infiltrates the citizen’s income allowance as a utensil to siphon a “forced profit” in order to pilfer “the power of purchase”.

Mandated profits keeps the citizens income allowance hostage to “pay the ransom” of commercial industry at the expense of “bribing” the citizen’s “power of purchase” .

The purpose of minimum wage is to protect the citizen’s “power of purchase”.

The mission statement of minimum wage cannot afford mandated profits or mandated customers.

The automobile insurance agencies of California are in violation of U.S. Treasury law.

A monetary system is governed by Treasury assets and never “mandated profits”

Commercial industry is subordinated by the Treasury in order to validate “free trade” to its nationality of monetary system.

A mandated customer is an implication “piracy” and not consent.
  || Posted on : 04/14/2012
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