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  National Anthem
  Playing football in the NFL is a job you are paid to do. You have agreed to a contract and have signed to join said team to play said sport for payment in return by abiding to rules and regulations set forth by the Team and the NFL league as a whole, not to mention the NFLPLA.

One of the said rules to abide by, by any hiring agency, whether it be McDonald's, United Airlines, Shell Oil, whomever or what ever employer, part of the agreement signed upon your hiring is a Non-Defamation or Illegal Conduct clause that will result in termination, either it being immediate or consoling required or mandated.

I understand that it is the RIGHT of every American Citizen to protest, but if this protest is in any way to interfere with ones said job or ability to conduct ones job, it should not be allowed at the work place.

There is a time and a place for any and all types of protests, and to force other people who may not have your train of thought or movement beliefs, should not have your beliefs thrust upon them.

You will make more money in one year of playing in the NFL for one season, than more 60% of the United States of America citizens that are paying for you inflated salary's to play a MF'n game, so Stand there, Helmet in hand, Hand on your Heart and Thank God you live in the USA and you are going to go home and sleep in your own bed tonight, protected by your Local Law Enforcement.
  || Posted on : 09/26/2017
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