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  Commentry for the above Politician : [ Total Postings : 2 ]
  Manufacturer of Solid Rubber Tyres
Solid Rubber Tyres and Solid Tyres ,caster wheel,Fork Lift ,paver engineering with and
building information.
pushed by a best gathering of in fact exceptionally sound clearly.
  http://www.solidindiantyre.com/ || Posted on : 10/06/2014
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  Dishonest, Dishonest, Dishonest!
  They take a two week paid vacation for Thanksgiving, yet they leave one Senator in Washington (I said ONE Senator) to gavel the Senate into session and then close the session within 30 seconds . . . and yes, I said 30 seconds. They are lying about being in session, and incredibly they think this is OK!

Why? Because when the Senate takes extended recess, then the President can make appointments that have not been voted on by the Senate. Of course, the background to this sad tale is that the Senate won't even give the President's nominees an up or down vote. What is the Senate afraid of? They are COWARDS. And worse, they are perpetrating a sham on the US public. They are not really in session, but they think this charade insulates them from doing their duty. How sick is that? It perpetrates the mind set (now all too common due to this "leadership" behavior) that it is OK to cheat and lie.

Yes, it is cheating and lying . . . cheating the American public and lying about fulfilling their responsibility (and don't get me started on the morality issue - or lack thereof). What kind of message does this send? No wonder most people think it is OK to lie and steal and cheat as long it benefits their own interest. This is the shitty example set by our supposed leaders!

And by the way, no matter what you think of the President, that is still no excuse for this behavior by the Senate, so don't even think about blaming this on the President (your attempt to blame this on the President falls apart when you are intellectually honest enough to acknowledge that the Senate simply could have shown the courage and responsibility to vote on these nominees, rather than perpetrating this dishonest charade).

The blame for this dishonesty falls on the Senate party leadership. Again, what does this sham say about the way their minds work? And of course, the parenthetical question is how much paid vacation do you get for the Thanksgiving day holiday?
  || Posted on : 11/20/2007
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